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Fondation Scelles: 20 Years in Three Acts


Fondation Scelles is endowed by CRIDES (Center for International Research and Documentation on Sexual Exploitation) – which collects and analyses information on prostitution worldwide due to its network of reporters. It offers more than 500 works, 200 reports and documentaries, and more than 4000 studies and reports to the consultation of researchers, journalists and social actors.

The foundation functions due to the work of four employees, 30 volunteer workers, an administration board and about 10 master-level interns. Their connections with public power figures and the French and foreign associative fabric, allows it to partner with the Police Prefecture in Paris, the Bar of Paris, the Repression Brigade of Procuring (la Brigade de Répression du Proxénétisme), the Central Office of Repression of Human Trafficking (l’Office Central de Répression de la Traite des Etres Humains-OCRTEH), the European Lobby of Women, ...

The Regional Council of l’Ile de France, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Paris City Council, the ministers of Women’s Rights, deputies and senators have or presently finance the foundation.


Aware of the destiny reserved to victims, mainly women and children, Fondation Scelles participates in debates and actions taken by groups and associations who fight against human trafficking, against sexual exploitation and for women’s rights. It is engaged with the associative community that wants to obtain the abolition of prostitution . It associates with international organizations which oppose sex tourism and child prostitution.

Fondation Scelles hosts various associations who share their same goal: the Teams of Action Against Procuring (les Equipes d’Action Contre le Proxénétisme-EACP)the Association Against Child Prostitution (l’Association Contre la Prostitution des Enfants-ACPE)the French Counsel for Child Rights (le Conseil Français pour les Droits des Enfants-COFRADE)l’association Ensemble pour Soutenir les Projets et Programmes en faveur des Enfants des Rues-ESPPER, and the Abolition group 2012-2013..


Fondation Scelles publishes a number of works such as “Sex slavery, a European Challenge” (“L’esclavage sexuel, un défi à l’Europe”), “Prostitution opposing AIDS” (“La prostitution face au SIDA”), “The Global Plague” (“Le fléau mondial”), “Pedophilia” (“La pédophilie”), “The Global Report on Sexual Exploitation” (“Le rapport Mondial sur l’exploitation sexuelle”), and finally, “Sexual Exploitation: Prostitution and Organized Crime” (“l’Exploitation sexuelle: prostitution et crime organisé”).
The Foundation’s monthly newsletter (“Fondation Scelles Infos”) proposes a panorama and analysis of the global current affairs on prostitution.

Identified and recognized by public powers, Fondation Scelles is frequently audited by parliamentary missions or French and international social organizations: DGAS, GRETA, the UN.
The foundation frequently joins its partners in order to organize symposiums and protests intended to aware, inform and encourage reflections on sexual exploitation: : Bruxelles 2012 with the Mouvement du Nid and the Abolitionist Coordination (CAP), Paris 2012 with ECPAT against sex tourism, Prize Fondation Scelles with le Barreau de Paris, conferences with the mayors, the «human shop» at Forum des Halles, the symposium at UNESCO in 2009.


The Scelles Foundation in the press

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