logo SAMStreet Art For Mankind, SAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working with street artists to amplify the fight against child trafficking. This artistic movement around prominent street artists is dedicated to conducting awareness campaigns and actions on the field to save children from sex trafficking and forced labor.

Street Art for Mankind is the story of passionate people who strongly believe in Art for Social Change. The creators, Audrey and Thibault Decker, parents in their forties and typical « products » of the corporate world have decided to bring more meaning to their action, and to turn their passion for art into a movement to fight one of the worst injustice of our time: child slavery. SAM is also the pledge of 40+ prominent and generous street artists who have decided to engage their Art from the streets, to raise awareness on the issues of the children.


Audrey & Thibault Decker, SAM: “The UN-JI exhibition and its Freedom Murals is an ambitious project that matured from our 2017 #AtThisAge exhibition. By interviewing visitors of the exhibit we realized that most of the people had a misconception about child labor & child slavery. For the vast majority it was a terrible issue but mainly “happening on the other side of the world, in poor countries”. And this was only affecting very specific industries. Worse they had the impression that they “could not act”. It was “in the hands of some NGO’s and governments to fix”. Yet, painting real stories of children and “telling their true story made it very real” to them. It was very frustrating for us at that point! This is where the UN-JI idea emerged. With this exhibition and the Freedom Murals that are linked, we want people to understand that child labor, trafficking and slavery happens also in our occidental countries. It happens in our backyard! We are all concerned! It also takes place in industries that build the products we consume everyday like chocolate, coffee, garment, shoes, jewelry, seafood… And, yes we do have our say! We actually believe it is the civil society who can change the odds for these 152 Million children. But we have to stay stop and demand change! There are many ways to be these actors of change and the “Behind The Wall” app is here to give people immediate options. This is only the beginning. And, we do hope people will mobilize thanks to the Art and tech tools we are creating.


Manhattan Murals for Freedom 17 famous street artists Survivors Stories The UN French Mission

The Scelles Foundation is part of "Manhattan Murals for Freedom" against Child Sex Trafficking and Labor, organized by Street Art for Mankind with the French Permanent Mission to the UN. Read more

From all over the world the artists will create unique wall paintings, based on the true stories of child victims. The replicas will be exposed with more arts work at the UN during the “UN-JI” Exhibition. Read more

The Scelles Foundation’s mural will be about Melanie’s story, as Survivor of internet-facilitated sex trafficking. In addition to the painting, people will have the opportunity to hear Melanie sharing her story through the app. Read more

As a partner of the campaign, the French Mission will open its doors to the UN-JI Exhibition including the Scelles Foundation’s mural for freedom. Read more