"Daddy, come and get me! " : face to face of a father and his underage daughter, victim of prostitution.

Papa, viens me chercher !BOOK - In a rare testimonial book, Thierry Delcroix and his daughter Nina recount both the hell that led the teenage girl to prostitution and the fight led by her parents to save her?


All along this book, Nina recalls the chain of events which has lead her to prostitution and her enrolment by the pimps. At the beginning, a feeling of freedom. The minor tells about the difficulties she faced during her middle school years. As a good student, who was harassed by other children, she wanted to break up with this nice little girl image which sticked to her skin and which her stalkers kept reminding her. Nina saw in prostitution a way to catch attention, to stand out from others and to emancipate from her family, which was yet reassuring and safe. She says that she quickly became attracted by money, that she saw as a seduction weapon, able to provide her the fame she was looking for. READ >>>