Who are the Clients?



le client : monsieur tout le monde ?Several studies have questioned the possibility of establishing a profile of the client of prostitution. All of them had the same conclusions: ONE DOES NOT EXIST! Clients of prostitution have very diverse academic levels, family situations, careers, and revenues. Prostitutes are mostly women, and most studies showed that the great majority of clients are men.
There exists, at least, two groups of men who resort to sex services: those who rarely do it and those who have frequent encounters with prostitutes. The latter consists of men, who for long periods of their adult life, go to prostitutes regularly.
Other types of clients also exist, but they are less numerous: clients looking for men, these can be transvestites; female clients, of every age, wealthy enough to afford male prostitutes.

The situation in France

la situation en FranceIn France, the client is always anonymous, always invisible, always in the shadows, always free. In regards to the law, criminally speaking, the client does not exist. It is necessary to recall that in France, the clients of adult prostitutes are not punished, the only ones who are punishable are those who are clients of child prostitutes and prostitutes in vulnerable situations (pregnant or handicap). The clients of child prostitution (15 to 18 years old) risk up to three years in prison and a fine of 45.000€ ($61,650 USD); clients of child prostitution (under the age of 15) risk seven years in prison and a fine of 100.000€ ($137,000 USD). Lastly, clients of prostitutes in vulnerable situations risk a fine of 3.750€ ($5,137 USD) and up to three years in prison.


Not a single continent is spared: Budapest, Riga and Kiev have become sex tourism destinations to the same level as Bangkok, Goa or Manila. Every opportunity is good: Trade Shows, sporting events... In 2011, the American Superbowl provoked a 136% increase in the number of prostitution ads on popular websites! At the annual exhibition of maritime entrepreneurs in Hamburg, the supply of prostitution (as hourly rates of hotel rooms) are doubled...
Certain websites for clients of prostitution have hundreds of thousands of subscribers sharing information on clients in Europe, classified by country and city, glorifying sexual exploitation, sharing their experiences and evaluating the performance of prostitutes.
If the sex industry is doing well, it is because of the clients. Many countries, even those who have legalized prostitution, recognize that it is the demand which creates the supply, and that therefore, the client is the main actor and responsible for the system. Nowadays, even if we are still far from a collective awareness, the role that the client plays is still recognized and sanctioned by the law in many European countries.