Law of 13 April : the Minister of Justice already sent a circular to prosecutors

Circulaire de la Chancellerie sur la loi du 13 avril 2016A few days after the passage of the law against the prostitution system, the Minister of Justice has released a circular to all French prosecutors. This cornerstone of a comprehensive system is to present the main provisions of the Act of 13 April 2016.



Regarding the criminal law the Minister invites prosecutors to take immediately all the consequences of the repeal of the offense of soliciting, precise contours of the new offense purchase of sexual services, anticipates the implementation of an upcoming awareness course for the clients of prostitution and recalls the creation of a public fund financed by the confiscation of property of traffickers and for social support for prostitutes.
In criminal proceedings the circular describes the new measures favoring plaintiffs associations and compensation procedures and protection of victims.
With all our partners abolitionists will continue to closely monitor the rise of guidelines that all relevant ministries aims to disseminate to give its full effect to the new law.