Scelles Foundation Award 2017 : The Best Visual contest

It is the third consecutive year that the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière has joined the Fondation Scelles in its pedagogical curriculum. A guarantee of trust, esteem and commitment. Within the framework of the session "Communication visuelle", 16 young people will work on the "sex-buyers", as a co-responsible actor of sexual exploitation.


Visuel Prix Fondation Scelles 2016 


This is a variation of the law of April 13, 2016 in the part concerning the purchase of sex acts. On Monday, February 20th, after their winter holidays, these 1st year students showed a real attention and a strong involvement in response to the presentation of François Vignaud, responsible for the Scelles Foundation Awards. Rendez-vous is taken on March 28th when each young person will defend his project before the teaching team of the Louis Lumière School. The works will then be finalized and submitted in May 2017 in order to be evaluated by the Jury first and then by the public via the internet.